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December 2022 Impact Member Spotlight

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We are proud to present Michelle Anne as this month’s member spotlight.

Michelle is the founder of a leadership development firm that blends eastern philosophy with neuroscience and psychology to help people think better, feel better and live better. She is a master executive, life coach, and international speaker. She has published and partnered with CNN, Forbes, NBC, the American Institute of Stress, Yoga Alliance, and Harvard Medical Teaching Hospital.

She has endured many challenges in life, including the loss of a child, multiple difficult divorces, business challenges, having over 50+ allergies, and more. She worked with a guru from India to find the tools to overcome the pain, emptiness, and fear. Combining her studies of neuroscience at Harvard, psychology, and stress management with the American Institute of Stress she has developed a scientifically proven framework to help others.

Michelle joined Impact to find women friends and to give back to the community. Originally from Denver, she currently lives on Singer Island and enjoys yoga, meditation, running, biking, adventure, drawing cartoons, reading, cooking, and baking.

You can reach Michelle at and

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