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Legal Aid's Education Advocacy Project continues to deliver "know your rights" Education Toolkit sessions, an idea originally conceived for the Impact grant proposal. The Education Toolkit is delivered in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

During the COVID pandemic, they have shifted their approach from in-person larger groups to small group or individualized sessions where the toolkit is dropped off in advance of a zoom meeting with families. A virtual toolkit session is planned with the Lord's Place for their families, reminiscent of their very first toolkit session conducted several years ago.

About Legal Aid Society: The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is committed to providing high quality civil legal advice, representation and education to the disadvantaged of Palm Beach County in order to protect their personal safety, enhance their opportunities and living conditions, and promote self-sufficiency. Today, Legal Aid Society, renowned for its leadership in responding to our community’s needs, now employs a staff of 120.

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