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September 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

Member Since 2020

We are proud to present Theresa Valinotti as this month’s member spotlight.

Theresa is the President/Owner of Truest Mortgage Inc., a reverse mortgage company. Educating the community and financial professionals about the power of home equity when used as a financial tool in retirement planning is at the heart of what she does as a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

Theresa also serves on the membership committee of the Impact board, which has been an incredible experience. She enjoys working alongside dynamic and influential women business leaders. She has also made many new friends!

Coming together with other amazing women to support the local community is what motivated Theresa to join Impact. She knows when women work together towards a common goal, they accomplish remarkable things. To witness firsthand how we can make an impact in our local community, has fueled her passion to continue to do more.

Theresa was born & raised in Ohio, spent most of her life in California, and moved to Florida 10 years ago with her husband, Randy, to be closer to her parents. She enjoys an early morning run/walk and spending time outdoors in nature. She especially appreciates Florida’s beautiful skies and the rain. Her favorite thing to do to relax is reading.

Mobile: 415-271-7891

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