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2022 Annual Impact Awards Celebration


2021-2022 Finalists Summaries

Feed the Hungry.jpg

Feed the Hungry Pantry of

Palm Beach County

Solar-Powered, Refrigerated Container Project

Project Lift.jpg

Project LIFT Inc. 

Pathway Academy of Innovation

Literacy Foundation.jpg

Literacy Coalition of Palm

Beach County

Building Better Readers

Vita Nove.jpg

Vita Nova 

Transportation for Success

Voting Instructions

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A voting ballot will be emailed to every paid member via Survey Monkey on Wednesday, April 27th at 7 am. If you plan on attending the Annual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 28th, please SAVE the voting ballot email and HOLD OFF on your vote until you watch the finalists’ live presentation.  We ask all members who are not attending the Annual Awards Ceremony to submit your vote by Thursday, April 28th by 5:30 pm.

Please check your email address on the Impact App to make sure that we have the correct email address on file. If your email is not correct, please email us at and provide the correct email by April 20th.