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What is ChatGPT, and how can it assist in the nonprofit world?

Humans have been using the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes (AKA technology!) for a couple of million years, and the tools we develop save us time, money, and headaches. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence software that uses prompting to parse through the available information on the internet and deliver answers to our questions in a fluid state, is no different than an anvil. With ChatGPT, I hammered out a list of 100+ nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach County that could benefit from my Write to Heal workshops. Here's how I prompted the software: "Give me a list of groups and organizations local to Palm Beach County that would benefit from paid interactive therapeutic programming." From there, ChatGPT pulled up ten organizations, so I then asked it to continue searching, and it did. This entire process took less than 10 minutes, whereas if I had spent the time Googling or using reference material to find 124 organizations, it might take me a couple of hours or more. Just like an anvil aids in shaping metal, ChatGPT assists me with sales tasks. It won't contact the directors or chase down hot leads, but it can help me write cold emails, financial models, and much more. to create an account or learn more.

Flose LaPierre, creator of the Write to Heal workshops and active member of Impact The Palm Beaches

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