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A Story of Impact and the Power of Getting Involved

I had the pleasure of attending the final dress rehearsal for two shows at Palm Beach Dramaworks on September 7th. The first one was Live to Tell, their 7th-grade touring play focused on human trafficking awareness. This play was underwritten by the Impact100 Palm Beach (South County) Chapter. It was thought-provoking and took the audience on a heart-wrenching journey through the lives of victims and survivors, shedding light on the dark underbelly of our society. In the post-play discussion, the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Palm Beach Dramaworks, Gary Caldwell, voiced his frustrations about the roadblocks they have been facing to get this play into our local schools.

During the intermission, I called my friend Deputy Torrence, Community Outreach Coordinator of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department to see if he could assist and invited him to be my guest at the second show, Swagger, their 6th-grade touring play focused on empathy and conflicts between law enforcement and communities. This production has already played to over 23,000 students and was funded with one of our Impact the Palm Beaches grants. It explores the challenges and bridges that need to be built in these crucial relationships between local law enforcement and the community.

For those who may know Deputy Torrence and his work, you can understand why I felt it was important for him to see the production. Deputy Torrence has dedicated his life to serving our community, especially our children through his mentoring programs, and he is a champion for positive community relationships. After seeing Swagger, I was able to connect him with Gary and they had a great conversation. In fact, I received the following message from Gary the other day –

“Most importantly, thank you for connecting us with Deputy Torrence. He's actively working to secure PBSO staff for our Swagger talkbacks, and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you for your support, and for your help with our tours!”

I love it when amazing people come together for the greater good! This is what amplifying change is all about.

By Desiree Reavis

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