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December 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

Impact’s December Membership Spotlight celebrates Deeawn Roundtree. As a Leadership Trainer, Business Consultant, Career Coach, and Keynote Speaker, Deeawn was drawn to Impact’s dynamic collective of like-minded women. Since her Impact membership in 2021, Deeawn discovered she could support and fund the initiatives of various charitable causes that address critical community issues, resulting in positive and enduring change. Deeawn was drawn to Impact’s ability to maximize giving to support all those who share her passion for making a difference.

In addition to her professional and philanthropic reach, Deeawn recently published her second book, Leading from Within: A Faith-based Perspective on Leadership. Deeawn is also the recipient of the 2023 Ascension Award: Emerging Black Business of the Year from the Black Chamber of Commerce; 2023 Legacy Magazine's Most Influential and Powerful Black Professionals of the year; 2023 ICABA Salutes Women of Impact Award; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.; 2023 Sylvia Sloan-Jones Servant Leader Award and Graduate of the Leadership PBC Class of 2023.

Deeawn lives in Palm Beach Gardens since relocating from Philadelphia, PA in 2013. Deeawn enjoys reading, practicing yoga, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

To learn more about Deeawn, please visit:

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