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July 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

Member Since 2017

We are proud to present Nancy Rizzuto as this month’s member spotlight.

Nancy is a Founding Partner & Principal at CAP STRAT, an independent fiduciary investment advisory firm, and the Founder of the CAP STRAT Women's Forum. She serves and empowers others, especially women, to own their power around their wealth. She strives to replace uncertainty and anxiety with clarity and confidence so they can enjoy financial peace of mind. In addition to her client work, she is committed to cultivating awareness for her firm, ensuring that more people can benefit from the services and expertise provided by CAP STRAT.

She values her peace and faith as non-negotiable aspects of her life, approaching each day with a mindset of gratitude. With a life's purpose centered on serving and empowering others, she encourages intentional action towards creating and living a successful, abundant, and meaningful life.

Nancy comes from a predominantly male-dominated background. Both her parents came from families with brothers, she has four brothers and no sisters, her industry is predominantly male and even her pup is a male! Yet she considers herself blessed to have had a strong and outspoken mother who instilled in her the importance of owning her voice and power while emphasizing the significance of serving others to improve their lives.

She finds joy in connecting with new women leaders, fostering community, and creating a space for genuine and authentic connections. Her conversations often conclude with a question: "What does success mean to you, and how can I support your success personally, professionally, or financially?”

Nancy joined Impact because she fiercely believes in collaborative philanthropy and in the collective power of women who are committed to make a positive difference and real change in our community and our world. She also thrives on being in a community with brilliant, strong, and determined women leaders.

Nancy is originally from New York and spent her childhood summers in Juno Beach. She lived 12 years in Chicago and officially moved to South Florida in 2017. She currently lives in Hobe Sound and enjoys hanging out with family, traveling, hot yoga, live music, and really any outdoor activity.

Nancy Rizzuto

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