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July 2023 Sponsor Highlight

PATHOS is a full-stack marketing agency based in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach that specializes in brand development and growth across physical and digital spaces through the delivery of end-to-end media solutions.

Simply put, we are catalysts for growth. From local businesses to multinational corporations, PATHOS provides a comprehensive suite of in-house capabilities dedicated to helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving world of marketing.

As a Woman-Owned Business, our passion for our clients is similarly applied to our community. PATHONIANS share a vision and drive for building on an idea bigger than ourselves–an idea that inspires people empowers communities and shapes cities. We are active leaders and members of organizations in the area. We educate and engage with local students both at their schools and in our office, and demonstrate how every creative skill set has a place in the future of marketing. We also invite regional associations and partners into our space for events and programs.

As Communication Committee Co-Chair, Ann Savage and her team at PATHOS proudly support Impact’s mission to unite dynamic women to power positive change in our community.

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