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May 2022 Impact Member Spotlight

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We are proud to present Aleese Kopf as this month’s member spotlight.

Aleese is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Town of Palm Beach United Way and the incoming chair of the Grants Committee. She has been a member since 2019 when she was introduced to Impact by her CEO, Beth Walton. She joined because she believes in the concept of collective giving and that we can make a greater impact when we all work together. In her work at United Way, she has seen how the process works of awarding dozens of smaller grants to several organizations, but she also wanted to see the impact of a large grant to a single organization.

One of the aspects of Impact she has really enjoyed is meeting so many people with different perspectives and ideas to solve today’s social issues. For the Grants Committee especially, that is what makes the process so rewarding.

Aleese is from Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk!!) and currently lives in the historic Grandview Heights neighborhood just south of downtown West Palm Beach. In her free time, she enjoys sand volleyball, biking, running, tennis, kickball, travel, live music...basically anything active and outdoors!

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