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Mobile Hope Clinic Testimonials

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Sibling clients receiving free services aboard the Mobile Hope Clinic at a Palm Beach County Boys & Girls Club location (2023)

The client's mother reported feeling hopeless when realizing her children were in need of mental health services and the subsequent guilt from knowing she lacked the resources necessary to get them the care they needed. She expressed being overjoyed when learning of the availability of services aboard the Mobile Hope Clinic (MHC) at the Boys & Girls Club location they attend.

Both children presented to services with adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct, anger management, and self-control issues. The siblings often fought and communicated through yelling and name-calling.

After several weeks of services, both Mom and Boys & Girls Club staff have reported significant improvement in the children’s presenting issues and behavior, with Mom reporting a “100-degree” improvement in harmony in the home and in the relationship between the siblings and the family unit as a whole.

Mom expresses deep gratitude for the services her children have received aboard the MHC and states being “eternally grateful”.

Elder client at Casa Del Monte receiving free services aboard the Mobile Hope Clinic (2022)

(Translated from Spanish)

We, the Hispanic communities, have a hard time accepting that we need this kind of help. It’s like our culture is that psychological help is because you’re crazy and it’s very difficult. I don’t agree with this and wanted help but didn’t think I could get it because I couldn’t afford it and don’t have a car. My daughter takes me to places when she can but it's hard for her with her work and kids. My language is also hard because English is hard to speak and understand for me.

I was happy when the MHC came to our community, it gave me hope that I could get help without being a burden to my daughter, and then is free with a Spanish-speaking counselor, my prayer was answered! I am very grateful for the MHC and feel like I am in a much better mental health place because it came to our community!

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