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WEST PALM BEACH — You know how refreshed you feel when you step out of the shower. Now, imagine that you don’t have a shower to step out of, if you are homeless. A pair of Palm Beach County-raised friends have come up with a way to bring a “mobile shower and personal hygiene facility” that they hope will help the homeless push a refresh button on their lives.

Live Fresh Palm Beach County, envisioned by local filmmaker Carlos Miller and operated by Chris Bentley, plans to take its 29 1/2-foot shower trailer to designated spots throughout the county.

Bentley said Friday he’s working with service agencies to draw up a schedule for the shower on wheels within 30 days. In addition to regularly scheduled locations, he hopes to team with the agencies and other nonprofits to bring the trailer when they have special events.

Live Fresh will also team with Genesis Community Health to provide HIV and STD testing .

The trailer, pulled by a Silverado 2500 pickup truck, houses three bathrooms on each side, each with a sink, shower, toilet and changing area. It has air conditioning for warm days and heated floors for the cold.

There will also be a supply of fresh, donated clothes for those who want them, he said.

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