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Palm Beach County’s homeless will now be able to clean themselves in mobile showers.

A trailer has been outfitted with six showers and restroom facilities, and nonprofit groups hope it will eventually cover every part of the county — from Belle Glade to Delray Beach.

While most people take a shower for granted, it can help improve self-esteem and might spark someone to seek opportunities to better themselves, said Chris Bentley, CEO of the nonprofit group Live Fresh Palm Beach County.

“This seemed like a good way to restore some dignity in the county,” he said.

Live Fresh Palm Beach County unveiled the mobile showers during a ceremony Thursday in West Palm Beach.

The trailer can be hooked into water and sewer lines. Tanks allow for up to 75 showers if water and sewer connections are not available, Bentley said.

Painted sky blue, the side of the trailer is inscribed with the group’s mission: “Uplifting our homeless brothers, sisters, and children one fresh shower at a time.”

A paid staff member and volunteers will operate the showers, and users will be provided with towels and toiletries. Genesis Community Health will provide health screenings.

Nearly 1,500 people are homeless in Palm Beach County on any given day, according to the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County.

The idea of building a mobile shower truck started in November with Carlos Miller, a Palm Beach County filmmaker.ach County filmmaker.

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