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our mission.

Together, we unite dynamic women to power change in our community.

our vision.

As dynamic leaders of women's philanthropy we bring new resources to the community and make philanthropy accessible. Through strategic high-impact grantmaking, we engage, develop and inspire women to create change in our community. We provide transformational funds to organizations that reach under-served populations and highlight unmet needs in the areas of arts & culture, education, environment & animal welfare, family and health & wellness.


Programs and projects that further the ability to educate and improve education.

arts & culture

Programs and projects that cultivate, develop, educate and improve the cultural climate.


Improve, enhance or restore the surroundings and promote conservation of our natural resources.

health & wellness

Programs and projects that positively impact the mental/physical health and wellness of the members

of our community.


Programs and projects that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families.

pillars for progress

Impact has invested over $1,100,000 and thousands of woman hours in our local committees and we are still going strong.


We engage and support our community's progressive and forward-thinking programs and businesses through real grassroots action along with financial support.



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