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April 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

Member Since 2021

We are proud to present Nancy Feiwel as this month’s member spotlight.

Nancy is a physician specializing in food sensitivity diagnosis and management by designing personalized, progressive food plans to lower inflammation, heal the body, and ease pain and suffering. The process is highly effective for treating a variety of conditions from ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome to generalized fatigue and arthritis.

Nancy says for her Impact checks all the boxes…a way to socialize while helping others in the community. Her introduction to Impact was through Suzanne Weston Spinney, Lisa LaFrance, and Linda Mauger-Harnish; all accomplished, interesting, intelligent, and kind women. Once she met them, she knew she had found the right organization.

The move to Florida from NYC was not easy but she credits her involvement with Impact as a turning point in embracing her new home. She found wonderful opportunities, socially and philanthropically, that she may not have uncovered on her own. For example, at the 2022 awards ceremony, a conversation with the Literacy Coalition representatives led to her volunteering at one of the local elementary schools through their Build Better Readers program.

Nancy currently lives in West Palm Beach and enjoys walking her dog, reading, cooking, and traveling.

Anyone interested in learning more about her work can reach Nancy at 561-331-4460 or visit her website She sees patients throughout Palm Beach County, in person and via telemedicine consultation.

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