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January 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

We are proud to present Flose LaPierre as this month’s member spotlight.

Flose is the Operations Manager at, a CRO and UX research agency, plus she is the Founder of Write to Heal, where she leads workshops to help people process stress and trauma through expressive writing.

She attended her first Impact Awards Ceremony last year with her dear friend and owner of Rohi’s Readery, Pranoo Kumar. She was blown away! The four non-profit organizations’ passionate presentations pulled at her heartstrings. She shed a couple of tears and laughed quite a bit; and knew that she wanted to become a part of a collective mission with women whose philanthropy goes such a long way.

Flose was born in La Vallée-de-Jacmel, Haiti, and grew up in Rockland County, New York. After attending Syracuse University, she moved to Miami, Florida, and has been living in South Florida for eight years, currently in Palm Beach Gardens. She enjoys working at Stage Kitchen & Bar, engaging with her community at 1909, meditating, being outdoors (nature walks, biking, grounding, etc.), and spending time with the people she loves.

Anyone interested in booking a session or learning more about her work with Write to Heal or can reach Flose at Her brother died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident this past September, and she is also open to discussing death and how to prepare for it in our families - financially, spiritually, etc.

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