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March 2024 Impact Member Spotlight

Updated: Mar 14

Impact’s March member spotlight celebrates founding member, Melinda Barham. Originally from Singer Island, Fl, Melinda currently resides in Tequesta where she enjoys boating and beach time. Melinda also appreciates traveling.


As a Private Client Insurance and Risk Management advisor, Melinda manages a team of advisors at Alliant Private Client Insurance which services affluent families with their property and casualty insurance needs.


Melinda joined Impact as a way to learn more about the needs of the community and thought that as both Christine DelVecchio and Lisa Schneider were part of the organization, she should be too! 


“We all worked with the same clients and wanted to spend more time with like minded women,” Melinda shares. “Impact has a special place in my heart. Some years I’m very involved, and some not as much as a result of a growing, fast-paced, and demanding work life, but I’m proud to have served on various Impact committees, including the Grants and Advisory board currrently.”


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