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May 2023 Impact Member Spotlight

We are proud to present Genevieve George as this month’s member spotlight.

Gen is a Financial Advisor and planner who loves working with her clients to shape their goals in the areas of building wealth, charitable giving, college savings, retirement, divorce and estate planning and everything in between. She aims to be a true resource, going above and beyond whatever aspect she is managing. Mostly she enjoys connecting with her clients, diving into the details of their financial affairs and building trust in the accomplishment of monumental goals. This is why she loves what she does.

Gen believes in the Impact model! Collective giving makes her $1,000 so much more powerful for our community. She also loves that our grants have exponential impact within the community for years after the funds are distributed.

She was a founding member of the Impact100 Martin chapter and served in various Board roles including events committee chair, Vice President, President and now Treasurer. It is wonderful to have a presence within both Impact groups for sharing ideas and growing our collective Impact.

Gen is from Jupiter but currently lives in Palm Beach Gardens and enjoys painting, crafting and scuba diving

Genevieve George, CPA, CFP®, CFE, CDFA®

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